4th Wednesday OTM (August 26th 2015)

We had the wonderful Kosmo Vinyl in the studio for a whole special on THE PR guy for The Clash and Ian Dury and the Blockheads. Catch up link is HERE!

kosmo 2

Photography by Oliver Cargill 

Kosmo’s unfathomable knowledge of musical history took us through the decades of great British music and especially the importance of Soho in the rise of so many great artists and scenes. Kosmo started off with Stiff Records and in turn could certainly be added to the list of fantastically influential people on the London music scene from the mid 70s. And to accompany our chat on the prolific participants in creating Rock, Punk, Blues and Pop history, Kosmo chose an eclectic playlist which we would challenge anyone to fault.

kosmo 3

Now a well renowned artist in his own right, Kosmo has now spent more time living and working in New York than any other place in the world. Though he’s still very in touch with his East London origins, having created his art blog; ‘Is Saitch yer Daddy‘ where Kosmo produces a piece for every time his home team, West Ham, plays.


More recently, this year, Kosmo designed the official artwork for Record Store Day in April. And if you missed the show, don’t miss out on the retweet competition to win a signed print of the artwork. Go to @Freeseedonsoho twitter and follow and retweet the tweet…

“Follow and retweet this tweet to win a signed record store day poster by Kosmo Vinyl

… to be in the draw to win.

We could have talked for another 2 hours, so probably expect another Kosmo special in the future, but for now, listen again to this episode HERE.

See you next week for more tunes, chat, New Call of the Freaks and interview with Art Curator, Ryan Lanji


Kosmo Vinyl: FB, Twitter, Webpage


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